Friday, July 15, 2011

Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes?

"Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes, other nationalities girls?"

This is the thought that i have been thinking all the while in my mind. Am i not better than them?
Are we Singaporean ladies really so bad and inferior that Singaporean men wants to look for them....
Its really pain me so much when i saw my boyfriend walks down that staircase of the brothel in geylang lorong 18 on May 15 2010 935pm kissing a goodbye kiss to that girl. I never forget this date.

Why Singaporean ladies have to face all these things despite we truly love our man and give them the love they want ? This is really so hurting till now i will tear whenever i thought of this.

Singaporean ladies, Are we really in wrong that why Singaporean man is not faithful to us?


  1. Maybe its time for you to let go of your past and move on with your life. No point holding back your life due to a guy that wont cherish you (especially this incident happened after 6 years).

    I am sure that there will be guys out that deserved your love. Hope you will pick yourself up again *Prays*

  2. Simple reason.
    You buy a Giordano shirt for a foreigner, they will appreciate you for life.
    You buy the same shirt for a Sg gal, they think you are a cheapskate.

  3. If you are still asking this question, obviously u dont know why your guy cheated on you. There are various reasons like Self Gratification,feel they are not hurting anyone, unhappy in relationship,Peer Pressure, Opportunity and of course not forgetting the Habitual cheaters.

    Its not about a comparison of who is better, but rather what were the cheaters looking for when they cheat?

  4. You sound like a candidate for the Obedient Wives Club.

  5. Pathetic bitch, I bet ur fat and ugly. Am I right? Whiny bitch, get a grip. I visit geylang very often to eat and walk ard and 'window shop' just to please my eyes. I'm into deep shit if u caught me on camera and get falsely accused. Finally, for Singaporean girls even to set up this kind of hate website totally justifies why some guys prefer quick reliefs than getting into any relationship with you sick minded bitches.

    1. Exactly prostitutes are better. Men love sex. It's stupid to get real love from men.

    2. See the problem with Singaporean women is they are far to clingy and cost a lot of money. As much as we enjoy spending time with them, and the rest of our lives with them, after getting married they let themselves go, don't want to have sex, and lose the appear and fun they had when dating. The downside is often we still love them, and so we will go see a prostitute instead of finding another girl.

      But then they find out, and have a massive cry, because you know, they would rather us resent and hate them than just getting sex from a clean paid source to ensure our marriage stays on track with little arguing as possible.

  6. Singaporean Girls are educated in materialistic manner.

    That's the fact and just accept it.

    Any man would rather choose finding a happy ride somewhere else rather than listening his wive whining the whole day.

    Unless, there is much more affection shown and practiced by SG girls towards the family and ESPECIALLY THEIR OWN KIDS.


  7. Dear Checker,
    Any one who had a sorrow past must let go and be by gone- Buddhist teaching.Let go and forget about the past and hopefully u will cherish again.
    The Malay proverb says :"Bunga Bukan Se kuntum. kumbang bukan seekor" Simply " Flower is not only one and beetle is not only one around"
    As a lady/wife u do not have to be better then a pros (Soli)We men like to feel a warm heart,mutual respect,warm gesture,generosity to our (Mens') family (Not in monetary term),please respect mens' privacy,allow him to meet his own circle of old & new friends-once in a while.
    As u can see most men commented about :-
    i) Singapore girls are very cocky.
    ii)Girls are getting richer-Who cares right!
    iii)Girls are Picky
    iv)the men don't get what they want or the wife makes no time for the men
    v) Please give due respect to men that there are cases of wife asking their husband to visit prostitute/massage parlor for cheap thrill.
    We all understand that Love and lust are two different issue together.
    Though manhood has evolved millions of years ago but "THE ANIMAL INSTINCT" ARE STILL PRESENT TILL TO DATE...
    A man who has committed the illegal sexual act has temporary forgotten about his own believe/religion at that particular moment.That's why a scene is created.

  8. Better or not, everyone has their opinion.

    The question to ask is : What were they looking to satisfy by patronizing prostitutes? What is it that their wives can't provide?

  9. TO ALL SG ladies

    DO you know WHY SINGAPOREAN LADIES ARE not better than Prostitutes LET ME TELL YOU THE MAIN REASONS:

    1) make love only one position like dead fish - no feeling at all and dont move like lazy pig
    2) No look,dark skin, dark ni*ples, loosen pu$$y dirty smelly unshaved like forest, body out of shape, no bo*bs like airport runway.
    3) Dont know how to cook and only know how to cook instant mee
    4) Need maid to do housework
    5) Must buy LV Bag or branded clothing
    6) Voice rough cos Always nonsense
    7)After loo or sh*t never wash hand

    1) Excellent in making love talent of screaming during orgasm with many position/pattern, nice feeling like po*n superstar.
    2) Beautiful, fair and white skin, pink ni*ples, slim, tight pu$$y well shaved & clean and tall and nice body, big b*obs
    3) Know how to cook cantonese dishes, soup and make tim sum
    4) love to do housework herself
    5) simple non branded made in china bag or clothing cost less than $50
    6) Sweet voice and gentle intelligently
    7) Wash hand before and after toilet.
    8) Born winner - EXCELLENT TALENT

    Based on the above analysis that the reason why YOUR HUBBY choose china small WIFE cos it worth $$$$ ... he did some calculation:

    He need to pay SG WIFE per month:
    $1300 for household stuff
    $800 for maid
    $$1500 LV bag for wife birthaday gift
    $400 sex with PRC gal at geylang or massage ($100 each session for 4 times per month)
    $600 ( take away dinner at coffeeshop for a month)

    .................................................. ........................

    He pay PRC small wife every month:
    $300 for household stuff
    $0 for maid cos PRC small wife love housework
    $$50 no brand bag for small wife birthaday gift
    $0 sex with small wife and unlimited times
    $0 (no take away dinner cos she cook herself)


    1. SG gals dun wash hand after loo, i dun quite agree, it depends and it varies. Some SG girls like cleaniness , sis will wash hand clean herself properly but fail to clean toilet properly after used but she still know how to doll up and make up herself.

    2. Nice answer bro! well done. I agree that pros are far better than wives. Love sucks true love swallows.

  10. Dear Checker,
    You were mentioning..."when i saw my boyfriend walks down that staircase of the brothel in geylang lorong 18 on May 15 2010 935pm kissing a goodbye kiss to that girl"
    Opps i hope it was not mouth to mouth that sort of kisses!??
    Though a man pay a visit to this places and i believe your man are also someone who has a average or tertiary education background- will never tend to kiss that girl-Due to common STD etc.
    But If EVER the thing was done on a mouth to mouth basis...Wau Lau I can't imagine their "rappo" is so strong! That's why he choose to leave U! (SOLI)
    Why NO BODY bang on the party who issue all this licences ???
    Got good got bad right?
    (Hum_Chi _Piang)

  11. husband will not feel happy when their wife kept creating problem for them to settle...who wants a family that their wife kept saying you don't love her anymore and making all childish remarks..thats why man would go out and find work so hard for the family all they wants is a heart warming home yet sg gals are too demending..if man gives into sg will be push around by gals if man don't give gals thinks that man don't love them no more care for them...RIGHT man:)

  12. You sound like a victim and therefore, becoming a founder for this! hahaha

  13. I am a degree holder and I dare to say my looks are above average.

    I was so upset after I found out my boyfriend texted a CHINA woman and telling her he misses her and addressing her as DEAR.

    I do not understand why.


    1. DO u do blowjob or treat him as king when come to sex?

  14. Get a life, Geylang Checkers. Prostitution has been around before Christ and will exist till end of days. There is more to life than making sure that men don't visit prostitutes. Afterall, it is in men's genes to want to spread their DNA around to ensure survival of the species.

  15. This is going to kill the legal brothels are doing business & your ex-bf issue is just an individual case.Is it fair for those legal operators? and at the same time you are encouraging & making the illegal ones to have better business.Think twice? only you know the ans.Don't because of personal problem & encounter & feel that all man will cheat on their partner,it take two hand to clap.You may think what you're doing is perfectly all right & helping "those woman get cheated"...Hope you will have wisdom one day & you'll understand the Laws of universal is in charge of everything...just like Kamma.

  16. One incident doesn't represent every single man in the world. I can name a dozen more ladies who cheat on their man while one man cheats too,so what?
    Truth is one man could be searching for that one true love to cherish and treasure his entire life and find none, while another man spends his entire life finding not enough supply to his lust.
    If yours fell into the latter category,I have only one word for you - Suay.

  17. Good but not for those contact with social x workers, who ever want to take risk is their own business. What about those who dating other people's wife ??? The honest hubby still in the dark ?? you can do better!!

  18. Your ex-bf visit the prostitute, at least she's a stranger. Few years back, my ex-bf slept with my girl friend and even confessed to me. So sad, I have cried so many times.. uncountable.. But I have gotten over it after some time, time will help to heal your wound. Cry when you need to, talk to someone, don't keep in your heart. One day you will recover and be thankful you found out he is not worth your love early. :)

  19. Life is still long.... and you are so beautiful!

    Give man a change.... you can .... sure....Cheers!

  20. U need to see a psychiatrist badly =)
    You have yourself to blame for not looking at the proper person when you decide to fall in love. You deserve it.

  21. Hi Beauty! I am a guy from country M, felt Sg gal graded themselves in the higher class, self confidence is good but not in front of your boy friend. sometime, you lose a bit but you can earn more .. hehehehe.... Cheerssss... gal. you can do it!

  22. My dear, I chanced upon this website thru yahoo. I thought that I could find my friend's car number plate as he frequent there often. I thought that it would be quite a good laugh if I find it here.

    However, I was very disappointed that you have not "caught" him yet. (Yup, I use the word "caught" as he doesn't care if he is spotted or not.)

    Come on, work harder! life is getting boring as it is! =)

    By the way, Do you know that you are teaching and showing guys how to find some loving? Isn't it ironic. haha.

    I got to stop now, but work harder eh? Cheers!

  23. i hope your ex-bf would identify you on the net. let the victims hunt you down. seriously.

  24. I think you need to improve your English. It's atrocious. 'Yahoo' reported that you are working for 'one of the big 4 auditing firms'. How to write good analytical review with such bad grammar and vocabulary?? need to improve your English...

  25. If u keep on doing this u nv believe in another soul,

    u got to let go, what will your up coming bf think of u having a web like this?
    NO 1 will be ok with this.

    Unless u want to stay alone for the rest of yourself

  26. Angie,

    Its not a matter of Singaporean ladies are not better than prostitutes. As the old saying goes woman are from venus man are from Mars.

    As we all know Prostitution is the oldest trade around. The Prostitutes are not willingly woman to join this trade, they have no other choice but to chose this trade.

    From your perspective and your past incident with your boyfriend, you have my empathy however this website you are running is too extreme.

    In this universe, the key point in everything is achieving a balance in everything even in relationship or marriage.

    Guys who are attached or married whom go visit Prostitutes, morally is not right. however, as had mentioned,woman are from venus and man are from mars. We seek an alternative pleasure, is a form of releasing emotional stress and satisfying our illusion. If you had read the memoirs of our founder of mordern Singapore you will know why he allowed prositution to be legalized.

    If your website is about tracking man who keep mistress when they are married, honestly you have my full support. Going to prostitutes is about paying for services no emotion or strings involved and its safe.

    As the saying goes man provide ; woman satisfied.
    If your man is a responsible guy who provide for the family and satisfy your desire. Even he goes to prositution once in a while behind your back its emotionally accepted, as you do not know, thus at times its best to keep it that way.

    By you and your sisters act, you girls are just making your own life difficult.


  27. a single man having an affair in too much ladies is more acceptable than to a man who has wife and children.. .

  28. I think you ladies should get a life. It's because of youz lots that woman's charter is drafted, you show the whole world that you are frail.

    What exactly are you trying to prove? Just so you can't get some, you look at other couple and want to put others down? This is akin to putting your nose into other family affairs.

    And talk about lobbying for equal gender rights and equalities, just by taking pictures shows how weak and insecure you are. Man and woman can never be equal you are telling the whole world.

    Woman cheat on their husband too..all the time. And FYI...I'm a female. Move on with your life.

  29. Yes, women do cheat on men too, how do I know? Well, I know some married women having sex with some of my friends and they are sex buddies :)

  30. I think you are doing a fantastic job catching men. Why hide?
    Hey all, lets band up and take photos of these ladies who try to take photos...then post them up and let everyone know who they are...

    show the whole world they are the heroines!!! way to go.

  31. Hi Geylang checker, I'm not someone who support guys having fling outside but jus out of somehow I felt that you ladies shouldn't have created this site.

    Reason is because

    1) If that guy you taken is a single guy, he can do whatever he like and want in geylang. Tat's is freedom. By taking shots of him (If got), is not pretty appropriate.

    2) I can imagine if there's a day my bf photo is in there but the reason is there is for makan with friends or meeting some client. End up become his reputation is tarnish just by a shot of him walking around in geylang.

    Geylang is just a part in Singapore which is who of nice food and lust.

    Being a lady myself. If I ever caught my bf there being with a fling or pros, I will blame tat I didn't take care of my own relationship well. Instead of making moves like this.

    Just to make sure to you ladies to be careful of being sue by anyone if someone happen to saw their photo in this web and end up is not what it suppose to be. Just be careful and take care

  32. Hey, think outside the box. Isn't this girl creating this website just looking for money?

    She got hotel ard geylang put advertising on this website. Maybe she just create her own story..who knows? and by supporting this website, she no longer need to girl huh?! beware..

  33. You know why your bf visit geylang. Simper you can't satisfy him. So you may want to wath more video to improve your performace. Maybe when you meet another guy he will be satify and will not vist the pros... Keep up trying... I am sure you will be better then those in geylang..need training ground.. leave your phone.

  34. I strongly suggest you move on in your life instead of doing stupid things like this. By doing this, you are trapped in a vicious cycle as the more men you "caught", the lesser your trust in men will become and as the years goes will end up being a lonely old woman which no men will take a second look at you, while your other friends are happily married with kids and their own family. To put it in a straight forward way, men who visits prostitutes are much better than men who have an affair with other women. Why so? Becos it's just the sex. There's no feelings involved and once you're done, it's bye bye. Why don't you track down women who have affairs with married men instead? This will be more meaningful becos these women break up marriages as the men involved would invest their feelings in such relationships.

    Hope you can become wiser and spend your time on something more meaningful instead....

  35. end of the day...women just want to make money out of men

  36. If i ever see one of you pathetic Geylang Checkers there, all hell will break loose.

    Your BLOG is EXACTLY the reason why men (nowadays) prefer foreign love.

    "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” - Yoda (Fictional character from George Lucas's Star Wars)

  37. Hi angie, I am a Singaporean woman and I applaud your efforts.

    I find the comments about the "letting go of yoru hurt /past/blah blah" stuff rubbish and highly suspect that people who post these are men themselves who indulge in Geylang's vice.

    Some may really have sincerity of having your well being in concern but I HIGHLY HIGHLY doubt so.

    The very fact is that Geylang has offered something uniquely to SG men that are putting us SG ladies at a disadvantage. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your effort.

  38. Men and women are different. Many men can seperate love from lust and that is why some can visit prostitutes and still love their wife.So perhaps for your exboyfriend he may just be satisfying his physical need and not have emotional attachment with the prostitute.
    Actually there is no need to know the reason why men or even women cheat on their partners. There is also no need to compare yourself with any other women. You will be just moving around in circles and will never be able to move forward and find the right guy. Many men may be lustful and if you can't accept then don't. But there are some guys who are not lustful and you just need one out the few. Of course it may take you some effort to find but I guess it is all worthwhile.

  39. singaporean girl too materialistic liao lah. my friend's gf left him for another guy who is a police cos of peer pressure. Say what u can find better one ect. Now my friend is era top 10 sales every now and then go thai disco and ktv happy. Now he is fucking rich and he is glad his ex made the correct choice. fark all the materialistic singaporean girls.

  40. Dear GC,
    the only thing i can think of is that he didn't get what he wants from you that night....

  41. Oh Well what an interesting website!
    What can other girls provide that SG girls can't? Possibly great sex, by great sex I mean no emotional commitment in the mornings, no problems which you should care about, no upkeep, no maintanence be it emotional or monetary of a lady in the morning.And no fuss or whining or nagging.

    Sex is a different thing altogether. It is a body natural response, no doubt having sex with a frequent partner is safe and moral, but having sex with a DIFFERENT partner is exciting. And this can be exchanged with money. Thats why we go for it.

    SG girls aren't that pretty if you have been around, plus they are getting OLD and fat, perhaps due to the Newwater in our system haha. The worse thing about SG girls? Materialistic. They go for money, subtely or otherwise, it can be felt. Maybe your girlfriends didnt notice or your boyfriends did not tell you so. I can only say its a natural act to want to have sex with attractive people, especially if the price is not too far off. Guys would not even mind waiting or queing just to bed the same girl/prostitute.

    Men visit prositutes not only at Geylang my jaded one, but around Singapore and the world. You are right about Geylang being cheap thrills

  42. Many of the local women are materialistic. They pressure the guy, make them feel uncomfortable. That's why they want to find part time lover.


  43. I'm not a cheater nor do I visit these places, but understand this, whatever you do now will come to naught and it will know this soon enough.

    In every war, whether against terror or cheating spouses, escalation is inevitable.

    You have bullet proof vests, they use armor piercing rounds...

    You have mobile 'watchdogs', they start taking cabs or changing clothes/appearances to fool your scouts.

    On the bright side good for cab drivers.

  44. it is the result of the proliferation of easily accessible pornography. would you allow him to CIM, COF, do a gangbang with his buddies or go backdoor? would you let him gag you? would you even go down on him?

    well a professional will let him realise any fantasies. obviously the feminists will cry foul saying wives and gfs are not sex objects. but when the lady objects everytime the man wants to have sex, is she not a sex object?

  45. Oh come on...I never found a girl that only flirts with a man...they always have substitutes..

    So do men, they have substitutes...we call it prostitutes...

  46. First of all, the pictures which you said team A or B or whatever team was taking, came directly from google maps!

    Your comments said that the car and the man were caught in geylang by your team??? Go to google maps now and you will see the same picture.

    Please don't fake those stories.

    Btw, I have no idea how you got into one of the Big 5 because your English is really sub standard.

  47. How come cannot see your face, you seems like a nice person will good moral, you should be proud and stand firm to ppl who wash you down with their words.....hope e pain will ease gradually away though i know it don't, but on e bright side you need not stay in an unhappy relationship unlike me becos of kids have to stay put, fyi im a guy...gals r not e only one feeling e hurt n pain, guys do and most likely even more so as they invest alot more money into relationships....juz get over it, its not e end of the world still need to work and put food on e table.

  48. for more other details pls visit : :)

  49. Angie, I'll go to a prostitue first then do you that way I can tell you who is better. so what is your # or email? :P

  50. it depend on your wat type of bf you have. wat u mention is too brief. if u got more detail. mayb i can advise u more

  51. I can help u if u tell me more. Wat i can said now, is that u need to forcus on something else for the time being. I appear in yahoo too. if u dun know where to find me

  52. the guys expect the girls to be bimbo i suppose or like robots? listen to them 100%, then sweet talk to them, pretend to save $ or nice to them WHILE working, having a good salary n contribute to house loans/car loans/this n that...... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz

    Guys that go for chix are those that think with dicks not brains. they dont care abt HIV, STDs etc. They dont care if they spread it to partners.and its a joke that they said Sg gers materialistic. Can u tell me why the gers are selling their bodies if they are not looking for quick bucks?!?!?!

  53. SG gers are less with a mask. Most CHina gers i think if they have a hidden agenda .... the guy will find it after she gets her PR or citizenships. I heard it on radio station too. The china ger after get citizenship asked for divorce n her attitude totally changed. So to the degree girl, if yr bf ends up with SUCH china ger, then its his biz.

  54. thanks for all the useful information. now i know where to go.

    ok. jokes aside though.

    focus on your day job. there's really nothing you can do about this and.. it's somewhat like.. going around snapping pictures of people who secretly still smoke, or do things they're "not supposed to".

    granted on a more extreme level. but seriously, the issue isn't that the men are visiting these places. more upsetting is finding the reason of the visits.

    no point beating and shaming a child if he does something wrong. more shame on the parent who doesn't find out why the child does something.

    anyway... that's how i feel.

    good luck.

  55. How many wife/gf will do things on bed the prostitute willing to do ?

    SO way out is to try it out there. pay and forget
    Dont girls/women do same looking for gigolo ?

    Ask Not what man can do for you, but what U can do for your man !! many sg girls fail this

  56. Geylang are for men who are older or poorer. Most men will visit Massage parlour, go overseas or booking thru website. You are just wasting your time.

  57. If what you are doing is right and great. Show your face and tell the world, be proud. Don't be one that whine about the past.

  58. To all the volunteers who have given your and energy to this illegal voyeurism activity. There is no different from those people taking upskirt and nip slip pics. You are equally cheap.

    Dont be surprise to bump into your father and brother apart from your husband and boyfriend, and maybe your mother and sister there too for reasons that may surprise you. Can you take that? Go get a life, do something more meaningful for yourself.

    This Angie whoever is sick in the head and you are being made used of. Dont be a blind follower and soon you will land yourself in necessary trouble.

  59. Sometime, we got to look back at ourselves. I had been marrried for more than 10 years and are only having sex with my wife maybe once a year or none with lots of OB marker. In such cases, how do you justify, as I'm not the only one in this predicament. Asked yourself did something went wrong in your relationship before you put your hatred to war.

  60. good job how do i volunteer?

  61. Hi checker, I'm very concern when I saw that u r doing such a thing and have supporters to help in this mission of yours to satisfy your whatever... Pls don't put anyone in danger as one of ur previous post said ur gals were being chased and camera smashed... When I was young, I was very concern about how come in our first world country there's still whores around and I was even more surprised when I found it legal, I asked my lecturer and was given a good answer.... If there isn't any of these women putting their bodies up for rent, then imagine the crime rate.... And I don't think there's anything wrong in them. I pity them, if they come from good background like most Singaporean gals, good education,... Do they still wanna do it? Sadly, society didn't give them the chance. Do u wanna being called a whore? The more I read the more angry I feel. U can go catch these guys I don't care.... But pls dun give these woman a chance to survive, if these ppl one day more educated then u be the whore. Idiot! And dear followers of this woman, think what is her agenda? I run a business, I always put my workers safety first. There's a lot of volunteer group in Singapore. GO HELP PEOPLE.

  62. Dear angie,

    I understand how u feel and i hope u can get thru this. :)
    Prostitution is not a valid excuse in a relationship.
    I believe if there is an issue, turning to prostitution is solely his own decision.

    As a man,
    I believe there must be mutual respect between both parties.
    If the man contracted disease from his cheap thrill, the lady will suffer.
    Vice Versa. I think the man also will not wish that to happen in his state.

    Prostitution in Singapore has already torn apart many families and relationship. Its saddening to see.

    I am amazed by your courage as a lady to pursuit these irresponsible wolves.
    There should not be a comparison between Singapore ladies and prostitutes because in a relationship, whether she is better or not, you chose to be with her. So you must be responsible with her.

    I hope your wounds can slowly be heal.
    There are bad guys in this world, but u have the good guys too.
    There are bad woman in this world, but we have the good girls too.
    Lust is a reality.
    Personal experience is an evaluation of an individual.
    The world is big.
    I hope you can let go of this pain and live a better life . :)

    All the best for your ventures but be careful with the safety of you and your team. :)

  63. interesting website, i would say statistically prob a small percentage of guys would frequent such places. but your focus and obsession on such this minority will rule your opinion and view of men, which ultimately undermine your trust in them.

    so naturally you will end up with an attitude that repels men for what you think, will rule your actions.

    your problem is that you have chosen the wrong guy and it is not his fault alone but YOURS too. it is like someone blaming a kid for having a low iq for he cannot help it. your should instead be looking for a good bf/husband instead of letting this hatred eat away at you.

    from a guy's perspective, i must say that Singaporean girls ( majority but not all) are materialistic, self centered and cocky in spite of the fact that their beauty pale in comparison to other foreign girls . Beauty aside ( for it is not long lasting),all these traits are major turn offs for any guy irrespective of ethic group or country of origin. even if the guy possess all the qualities that the girl wants (e.g. money, status etc), he will still not be attracted to the typical Singapore girls with such an attitude.

    instead of blaming and trying to change men, you should be smart and adapt yourself to make yourself more attractive and competitive. smart women who knows how to control men will act demure, feminine, humble, appreciative to attract guys. this in turn will cause the guys to reciprocate in kind. Why do you think the guys turn to other foreign girls? ( they know how to control and influence men)

    i have witness countless divorce among my friends , where the girl being overly educated condemns the husband for not being good enough etc. so she end up alone and on the shelves and the guy found a new love.

    of course the guy have to do his part to maintain the relationship by giving her what she wants. but one party has to give first before the other is motivated to do likewise.

    well food for thought for you. if you say guys are shallow, i think girls are equally so for they often will only want to marry someone richer and of higher status. correct me if i am wrong....

  64. Cute idea but stupid, this is what you call, one sided journey to the LALA land and trying to create bigger hu ha unnecessarily family problems.

    Ladies, while I applaud the courage to prowl on the street to achieve your objective, but technically speaking I’m totally against the action with anger motivated by past experience

    When you mentioned that you wish to help other female comrade, but the reality, you just can’t let go your anger from your past. My suggestion, find a new and better one and start afresh after all, he is just your “Boyfriend” and not your legal husband.

    As for Wife thinking following this renegade method, don’t forget that all woman in Singapore is well protected under the legal system of Women Charter where, typically, show no mercy to men if “the men” are in the wrong.

    Let assume If I were to start a new website which I see no difficulties in doing so that targeting cheating “Girlfriend” or “Cheating Wife”, I can assure that I have hundreds if not thousands of men will volunteers. After all, the best place to catch cheating girls and wife are the night spots when the boost take over the mind and body, the girls will be all over the men….and this will never stop… destination you know where.

    My suggestion, if happen you reading this article call PA and join the Woman Wing for Support group where they help those women in similar cases, the poor, the needy and the young female that need seriously help.

    Good luck in getting a husband ….probably, you may live outlast those unmarried woman in Singapore who have no trust with men in general.

    If you take photo of a person(s) at a public place is not against the law, but you take a person (s) photo at a public places in intention to accuse, malign, provoke, humiliate that person (s) in the internet, you might want to check with other lawyers about the definition of defamation suit that may be use in the court of law. Singapore has a law and we do not live in a law of one gender society.

    What you are doing will cause more destruction to family unity even one party are at the wrong, another word you are not a judge to judge someone behavior or action that does not concern yourself or your family.

    By the way, I a above 42 years oldman with a happy married life, I visited Geylang many time for their various of foods and not for the girls. If i see my photo up here, you should be prepare for your own lawyers as I will sure file a legal suit.

    Same to those so call "suspected" photo up here, my advise, those "men" may approach their legal advisor to seek advise to persue the matter against you.


  65. There are many cheating men as there are to cheating women. So what happens when our women cheat on us??? Should we also retaliate by starting Cheating Women Checker too?

    I think your actions are to extreme and it brings more quarrels and breakups than harmony. Do not judge others by YOUR standards but judge yourself by other's standard. Sex is a biological need for men. So fpr example a guy has no GF and no wife, he visits the brothels to get his relief and your photo caught him and he is exposed. He will then become the laughing stock of his colleagues, friends & relatives. Not because he visits the brothel but he has no GF. The local brothel scene is legalize. If you are all up to it, stand up to the authorities and challenge them to close all the brothels then. And NEVER FORGET, there are CHEATING WOMEN too!

  66. Dear Angie

    Visiting a prostitute does not mean the guy does not love his gf or wife. I feel that its more of a biological need or simply an addiction.

    Men are people who prefers a virgin for a wife and still beds other women which they seriously dun care if these women are virgin or not.

    But I do know that if a woman gets to know her husband visits a prostitute, the family is not going to have peace for a long time. (This applies to me too) That is why you guys receive death threats and like.

    I hope you get over with the thought that sg gals ain't good enough or something... cos its not about sg gals not being good enough. All over the world, men visit prostitutes, women all over the world, of different nationalities are being cheated on everyday. It certainly has nothing to do with the wife being pretty or not, cos many a time, we have seen cases of men having beautiful wives but it still do not deter them from visiting prostitutes.

    But, there are good men around too. Not all men cheat. Although being beautiful does not mean that men will not cheat, women should still try their best to maintain their looks, shape and like so that men do not use "Attractiveness" as an excuse for visiting prostitutes. (This originates from my hubby.)

    And if one day, marriage breaksdown, the women can still easily find someone else.

    Instead of forming a group to "catch" men who visits prostitutes... why not form a support group consisting of women to help them get over their failed relationships, keep fit, stay beautiful tips etc.

    Just my 2 cents worth of opinion.

    Wish you all the best and get over the past relationship soon.

  67. I understand what you have been thru and i admired your courage for able to make clean cut with ur "ex" but since u are able to make clean cut why are you still doing this to remember of what he have done? You shld totally move on and stop thinking about all this. It will stay as fear. For me i'm a sg girl as well but i can say loudly that i'm not a materalistic or greedy person. infact most of my r/s i spent on my guy instead but i just dont understand no matter how good we are and what we did the Sg guy wont feel satisfy. I've a bf who has been cheating me for as long as we are together and i'm always forgiving him even till now. I jus dont understand why he have to do all this even how good i've been treating him. i just think that he wont feel satisfy only his "thai" B**** will make him happy hai.. Enough of all this. I wish u luck and also wish that my "bf" will really wake up..Tkcare!

  68. Hi Angie,

    Take a look. Women working adults frequent these male host clubs to destress and spend at least $900 to "book" him.

  69. I'm a good guy and never visited prostitutes yet nobody loves me. So girls, you deserve it when you choose the bad boys.

  70. Wondering why the human races always like to give excuses to what they did just not to "lose face".

    But honestly speaking, from my point of view, speaking from a 28yrs old guy who's still a virgin(other than DIY). Single for 28yrs, nv been to any hooker b4. I do not wan to explain the chunk of theories of my thoughts, it will just add up the spamming here, but below are some of my thoughts in point form:

    - Guys are horny by natural due to the blood flow in us
    - Guys are still human and we do need emotional needs and affection even it's not top in our list
    - Guys having male homo, have ego
    - Every guys have their own preferred ger that matches "our ego"
    - Such ego(partially link to horny) will be turn off, if it's(ego) really turn off
    - Comparing SG culture, may it be guys or ger, do u really prefer(IF GIVEN A CHOICE?) to stay in a 3-room HDB flat? squeeze in bus/MRT during peak hr? worrying abt 3 meals not having enough? Where all these uninvitedly make human super materialistic.
    - As a guy, if we wan that ger seriously, we have to provides, else not MAN enough
    - Guys have only 24hrs too, having to exchange it for bread, and 'material, rest, and still 'affection' for her, we will be tired too, 24/7
    - worst if our ego is being put off when tired, and who doesnt when u r tired n ur tail is being steped on?
    - Guy no matter wat, have brain, we know what is "alt way" with less straining expectation.
    - Not trying to defend guys, but honestly... Who(ger) doesnt wan a better guy who are rich and kind, sweet talker, handsome, affectional, n etc. if u wan, so does other, thus there is competitive...
    - So if u(ger) wan better love, then u have to find a much "lower quality" guy who have "less choices"
    - if u wan guy that can spend "resources" on u, so can he spend it on other gers. Remembered, u are not the owner of his "resources" and have not right and control over it...

  71. Dear Founder, I guess your ex boyfriend is a slut.. i guess what you did is right.. breaking up with your boyfriend is that rightful decision of yours to make.. however i guess what you are doing on this website now is to make more families to break... by exposing their husband, or poking into other families business.. which is not a nice thing to do...

    i am married with a vietnamese girl. i feel i am good looking and confident, i am in my early thirties and i loved my current wife a lot. sometimes, thinking back i may have made the wrong choice not to look closely at my own country girls because i gave myself 10 years to look around, i faced many challenges from many local girls either they break up with me when found someone better or i didnt like them much.. finally after 10 years i gave up and decided to try find myself a gf overseas.. fortunately, during my work assignment overseas, its so easy for me to find so many choices because of my singaporean status.. i should thank my country for this.. so guys.. if you wanna find a long term wife, just be like me, find a overseas girlfriend who can do better on bed and have lesser expectations.. you wont need to go prostitutes anymore to release your stress. and if posssible, refrain from seeking help from those marriage agency. marriage dont last in there, .. those girls from those marriage centres are mostly out for money.... if possible also look out for foreigners girls who are highly educated.

  72. after all these, in the end these website is not as noble as i thought.

    Just a place for sore women to hang out.

  73. Prostitution had been in our world thousand years ago. men will be men, i am not on the defense of those men who solicits the services of those prostitutes, men has their needs and just like women had their hormonal imbalances during menstruation, men cannot simply ignored that needs. A man that can resist the temptations is definitely married to a wonderful woman. Be that wonderful woman and surrender or give yourself up to a man you love and if he still seeks for pros help then its his lost no longer yours.

  74. I think you and your volunteers are doing the right thing!!...I applaud you. And to catch the men by taking the pics. I for one will.. if I see you ladies taking pics in geylang, we will snap pictures of you all and fire it up on the net. So everyone can know how you look like and protect you ladies..

  75. Hi Angie, I think you are a phony. You use this website for extortion. When guys see their pics here, they pay you to take the pics off. Easily $5K per pic. you should be reported to the police.

  76. "we will snap pictures of you all and fire it up on the net. So everyone can know how you look like and protect you ladies.. "

    now we all know what's with the increase of floating bodies recently lol

  77. My goodness. Are you singaporean men THAT fucking dumb? The purpose of this website is set up to CATCH cheating men. Not to criticize the prostitutes. It's because men like you are bloody horny and can't keep your junk in your pants and you keep your wife/girlfriends in the dark. GC is doing a great job catching such horny lying bastards.

  78. "The whore has made of herself her own capital investment. Her product — her sexual activity, her fictitious response — is worth precisely what the customer is willing to pay for it, no more and no less, but that is only what is true of all products. But the whore is despised by the hypocritical world because she has made a realistic assessment of her assets and does not have to rely on fraud to make a living. In an area of human relations where fraud is regular practice between the sexes, her honesty is regarded with a mocking wonder. She sells herself; but she is a fair tradesman and her explicit acceptance of contractual obligation implicit in all sexual relations mocks the fraud of the 'honest' woman who will give nothing at all in return for goods and money except the intangible and hence unassessable perfume of her presence"

  79. Sg guys need to beg and serve Sg girls for lust... However, at Geylang, the girls there are passionate and provides good service that Sg girls are seriously lacking.. That's the diff. You can be above above average in look or stats, but in terms of service in bed, not there yet. I meant service not performance.

  80. Not just Singapore men lah. In fact most of the men, regardless of skin color & nationalities, go for sex excursion whenever there is a chance. Desire for sex is no different from desire for food, clothings & etc. When we have money, we want to possess more, be it cars, condos, food, clothing or sex. It just happens that God has made men stronger than women, and so men set the rules & values for the society. If women had been borne physically stronger than men, then teh reverse will happen. Men will be cooking, doing laundry and etc. Geylang houses will be full of giggolos, and women will be frequenting these places, and the founder of this website would be a man complaining that his woman has gone to Geylang to find her favorite giggolo.
    So the bottomline is that as long as a man is responsible, taking care of his family, sending his kids to schools, going home everday and keeps his Geylang excursion at very low profile, he still deserves to be treasured by his wife. God never makes the sexes equal. What to do?

  81. "Sg guys need to beg and serve Sg girls for lust... However, at Geylang, the girls there are passionate and provides good service that Sg girls are seriously lacking.. That's the diff.."
    Wow... That sure help "bring up" the image of men in SG.. Thanks a lot dickhead..

  82. I am a guy myself but those above who complain abt SG girls ought to look at how many SG married couples in Singapore. Your failed experience with any SG girl does not mean all SG girls are bad. People should really learn NOT to shift the blame to other people for their own failure. ie. saying SG girls are too demanding when it is your failure to meet their expectation.

  83. You are lucky you lost your bf to a prostitutes...I got a friend lost his bf to a gigolo...So you should consider lucky already...

    Pick yourself up and get on with life...Your life doesn't rotate just around him.

    For those who said sg men are so bad, then i suggest migrate out of sg and find other country guys...if not shut up and dun complain...If you don't chose sg men, you only got stinky china men, bangla, indian, or ang moh...If you choose ang mo, then good luck to you...The good thing is they most probably wont find prostitute, they will go around fuck think again...

  84. Guilty men trying to close down this website.
    Shift around the blame to the girls?

    I saw the joke of the year comment here.

    "Simple reason.
    You buy a Giordano shirt for a foreigner, they will appreciate you for life.
    You buy the same shirt for a Sg gal, they think you are a cheapskate. "


    Are you living in 3rd world country? You get the same shit response everywhere. Those that seems grateful are either poor or too polite to tell you in your face you are CHEAP.

    And for ur info, whatever my bf gets for me, a $5 shirt or $500 dress. I always feel grateful and loved. Its not the amount that counts, it the thought.

    BTW, its true cheating people is all around. But by exposing those in geylang, transmitting of sexual disease to the innocent partner can be lowered. Dont you guys know prostitute fk with all the guys that paid them? Their hole is disgustingly dirty and loose.

  85. Actually not only SG guys are bad, all guys all over the world are actually the same."Man is always a Men". Don't try to change them, accept them for what they are, and change yourself.Expectations only dissapoint us.
    There are good guys also in this world.Take a closer look before accepting any guy as a boyfriend/husband.when one man has a habit in him to find a prostitute or flirt around,he can never be changed.But not every guy are like this.

  86. Have you ever wanted to or tried to change a man? This is common among women.But think about it, how would it feel if your husband or boyfriend tried to change you?It hurts men when they know women want to change them.Men need to feel understood and accepted for who they are.Most women see a man’s potential and his imperfections due to their high expectations.When a man decides he wants to marry a woman, the woman he falls in love with is the woman he wants beside him for the rest of his life. He doesn’t fall in love with her potential; he falls in love with her, just as she is in that moment,and he hopes that the wives can fulfill his needs in terms of home life,emotional security and intimacy he craves.Most men say they Roam because thier Gf/wives lost enthusiasm for sex.There are many things you can do to better insure that your partner didn't roam.if a woman showed some enthusiasm for sex,meaning being open,willing and eager to be spotaneous and try new things,rs will be proven for a better result.if a woman is rigid about whats acceptable or simply enduring sex,her husband/bf will eventually lose interest.

  87. You may serve homecooked meals everyday but you can't cook better than a chef.

  88. ^^ Thats why I go to chefs :)

  89. Chef that will put disgusting shit into ur food while you enjoy it without knowing its content.
    You will only learn when u die from food poisoning.

  90. move on and get a life..

  91. i have got experience of cheating husband. but not in geylang though. but i will support this blog to go on and help others.

  92. "Are Singaporean Ladies not better than Prostitutes, other nationalities girls?"

    dont have a mirror at home? you asking asking the obvious lei.

    "Its really pain me so much when i saw my boyfriend walks down that staircase of the brothel in geylang lorong 18 on May 15 2010 935pm kissing a goodbye kiss to that girl. I never forget this date."

    juz move on lar....there will be a lot of gays deserving your love

    "Why Singaporean ladies have to face all these things despite we truly love our man and give them the love they want ? This is really so hurting till now i will tear whenever i thought of this."

    my wife give me pocket money for prostitution and thats what a true love lol

  93. i slept with my female colleagues who are married friends y need to get serious tiobo?

  94. Please stop such website... if the wife/gf suspects anything, they are capable to resolve the problem themselves.

    Posting photos to public will in effect cos more damage to wife (and family, relatives, friends) as you are not giving the man "an exit". It will simply lead to a broken family. Is this what you are trying to achieve?

    The Geylang saga is just part of a much wider scope of man/woman affair.

    How about those office affairs? How about those (already attached) who goes clubbing and then ended at "one night stand" with others' gfs, bfs, husbands, wives?

    How about those who go to KTV for "business"? There are many places. occasions for people to / woman ....

    And please dont relate men visiting Geylang to Jack Neo. The former pays for a service; not like the latter who abuses his position to get a raw deal!

    Maybe for those who are married, attached, get a chastity belt for your partner...

  95. As per the comment above . Recently I was told that there is a married man in my company in another division that sleeps with some married or single ladies in another department of another division.

    I got a huge shocked as this man looked very vert decent family man type.
    He even share among the ladies that he slept with who is daring , who is best in bed etc etc .

    I got to know this as I heard one of the ladies gossiping about it in the ladies room on the phone ....

  96. Well those holes are free:)Dirty or not is a seperate matter, but at least they are free haha

    Unless they start getting all emotional and hicky

  97. reading all these comments make me think of my past.. i used to frequent GL too... its not becoz my partner cannot satisfy me.. the main concern is the attitude.. who say guys don love their partner wholeheartedly, i did, but my partner cheated on me with other guys... or else it would be... no gucci bag den no sex tonight... WTF! somethings i learned... local girls will only realize their partner is around onli after being cheated.. if not we r juz taken for granted... simple..of coz it applies to guys too... but pls look at the big pic... we reap what we sow... nowadays i dont go GL anymore.. becoz my partner is my soul companion.. i find satisfaction n completeness when we have sex and this is something i cant find in GL.. n pls take note... she is a local... Ladies... before we even accuse.. look for the cause first... though not all cases is like tat but i believe alot of guys n even ladies will agree with me becoz its a 2 way thing... most of my frens actually marry thai or even china woman... all becoz they know what a man needs.. and in return we give them wat they need...


  98. Royal Crown Escorts??